Wellness Revolution Movement

Energy Medicine:  A Wellness Revolution Movement


Change Your Energy. Change Your Health. Change Your Destiny.


Shattering the Illusions:


A revolution is under way, one that will soon touch every aspect of your life, the way you think, the way you live, and perhaps the way you heal.


We live in a world of possibilities!


I dedicate my journey to all who are willing to embrace discomfort, adversity, dis-ease as an opportunity to reconnect with “that which we cannot see,” to our higher spiritual selves as a part of the infinite source of healing that connects us all.


Energy Medicine is the way


I can make a difference.  You can make a difference.   We need only believe it, call it forth and live the life we were always meant to live – a life of joy, health and happiness.!



The Movement


This Wellness Revolution has begun and people all over the world are learning to care for themselves and others in new and energetic ways.  The failure of the existing medical system to produce quality healthcare is forging new awarenesses beyond the boundaries of culture and convention, creating a marriage between the high-tech western medicine with the high-touch eastern technologies.  New alliances are being created every day with tremendous potential to share our future as individuals, a family, a country, a world.  It is my heart’s desire to help the future of medicine, to spread love, peace, health and happiness wherever I can.


Doing the Impossible!


I am here today to tell you my story.  Not that my story is any different from your story.  But because I was sick, and what I learned from the work I did to regain my health, led me to a strange new world called quantum physics.  Energy Medicine reaches beyond the world we have come to know and love, to a subatomic space within our own body – a hidden world of possibilities and the medicine of the 21st century.


My life was not going how and where I was told and thought it would go.  Illness, divorce, bankruptcy and isolation; my world came crashing down around me.


I found myself sick, my body was shutting down and no one seemed to be able to help me.  I had raised 5 beautiful children who were creating their own families.  Assumptions I learned growing up simply no longer applied as I found my path to wellness in what many would call a series of illnesses.


What I came to realize through my health challenges is that each step along the journey is an opportunity in disguise to look at the world through the eyes of something more than what I was taught.  My assumptions about life no longer applied as I came to understand that my dis-ease was merely a way I was granted passage to a new world of energy and what some may call “miracles.”


Is disease the body’s heroic attempt to keep us alive?


What if … provided we are ready and willing to go where our journey leads us. . . we discovered that dis-ease is merely a way our body is looking to communicate with us.  Trying to get our attention?  If this is true, perhaps we could find a renewed and limitless sense of joy and wellness in whatever symptoms or diagnosis is given us.  I found my path to awe and energy in the wisdom of my body’s communication with me through illness.  Are you ready to find yours?



“The invisible is greater than the visible.”  (Plato)

It’s time for a fresh start, a new way of seeing this wondrous world.

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