About the Clinic

ENERGY MEDICINE is the science and art of learning how to help the body and mind function at their best by influencing the flow of energies with tapping, tracing or massaging the body’s specific energy points. Energy Medicine promotes rapid healing resulting in a healthier life.

During your Colon Hydrotherapy session, small amounts of water is introduced into the Large Intestine very slowly which proves most effective, gently encouraging distention of the Large Intestine.  The body’s  which is not beyond the Large Intestine’s natural ability to expand.  The Physiology (how the body functions) of distention is called motility which then moves the material through the lumen (the inside space or the interior of the Large Intestine, Artery and Gastro-Intestinal Tract).

In our Clinic, we use no more than .25 or 1/4 pound per square inch of water which provides for a comfortable experience.  We work with the body verses the water doing the work.  To put this into perspective, in a typical home or hospital enema, 2 – 2.5 pounds per square inch  of water is put into the body.   A large volume of water, as much as several quarts, are encouraged.  Lots of water in a short period of time is often uncomfortable and often counter-productive as more stress is added to a an already stressed-out body.


If we understand how the body functions, AND we understand our parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest system) is responsible for both digestion and elimination, we come to realize that most of us live our life in a sympathetic mode (thinking and reacting) which turns on the fight/flight/freeze system in our body.  It is a well known fact that STRESSORS are known to be the biggest offenders of regular and incomplete bowel movements.  Experiencing a balance between these two systems daily, is imperative for good digestion and elimination and more of a balance in this fast-paced life.

At Arts for Vibrant Colon Health, understanding that relaxation is critical, we provide an environment that is pleasant, warm, quiet and safe for you.  We teach you about your body, the importance of “turning off” the thinking too much syndrome.  We look at how your body responds when we worry about family, work and money, and together, we uncover the offenders, the STRESSORS that are contributing to an unbalanced body.   We teach about how not drinking enough water, or not tasting our food, or flying through life and not resting (which is not sleep)affects our life.  Together we uncover where the body is stagnant and what Stressors are preventing us from the life we are meant to live.

Learning to listen to your body, understand the body’s language, what your body is asking of you, you can then learn specific Energy Medicine techniques to keep your body balanced daily to reach and maintain vibrant health.

It took me over a decade to arrive at the vibrant health I am currently experiencing.  I understand how my energy affectedly health and how my health changes my destiny.   Today, I feel healthier, more vibrant, more balanced than I did over a decade ago.

I am profoundly grateful to facilitate this Energy Medicine Colon hydrotherapy process.  We are in this life together and together, we can create magic.

“ Colon Therapy with Madeline is about so much more than what I had previously thought. Madeline skillfully incorporates a variety of healing modalities during our sessions that involve her gentle yet firm touch, which helps my colon, other organs, my nervous system and cells experience a release of stagnant energy. She shares her knowledge about the body and energy, which I absorb like a sponge so that I can take more proactive steps in my own to life to thrive at my healthiest best! I love the Energy Medicine Techniques and eagerly look forward to each colonic or colon hydrotherapy visit.  Long after I leave her presence, her gifts continue to manifest in my life.”

-Susan Westfall,  Boulder, CO


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