Ria's Video Testimonial

“Madeline is exquisite in her craft! She makes you feel so comfortable, and at ease in what could be a very intimidating process. Madeline has a unique ability to read the body, its needs, and adds amazing energetic body work during the colon therapy session. Madeline’s Energy Medicine Colonic has been an integral piece to regaining my health from a serious health situation. I highly recommend Madeline to anyone looking to expand their health program, and feel great!” -Cameron Delaney (Doctor of Chinese Medicine (Solstice Health))

“Madeline simply emanates kindness and love. She is exactly the person I needed by my side while embarking upon the journey of colon hydrotherapy training. I knew I really wanted to do this training but learned very early on in the training that it is an experience that can push you to grow and learn significantly in a relatively short period of time. This makes for both an incredible and intense experience. Madeline demonstrated a great deal of patience, encouragement, and was exceptionally supportive. These qualities coupled with her knowledge and vast experience made her a wonderful teacher. She shared many pearls of wisdom from her various experiences in the field of colon hydrotherapy which was both insightful and inspirational. Madeline is also a gifted energy worker and shared many techniques from an energetic perspective which took the training beyond the basics of colon hydrotherapy. This training was exceptionally invaluable.” -Ginette Slaiher (Doctor of Chinese Medicine)

“Madeline is an absolute gem. Her passion for life, enthusiasm for the work she does, and unbelievable warmth and generosity of sprit is unparalleled. Her advanced understanding of energy medicine and the body makes her colon hydrotherapy sessions unlike any I have experienced. When I met Madeline I was really struggling with my digestion. I felt lost and discouraged. Madeline helped me see that change and growth was possible. She gently guided me, teaching me about my body while helping me feel better with each and every session. Getting consistent colon hydrotherapy with her greatly accelerated my healing process. She truly understands the mind body connection and helped me unravel not only the physiological issues I was facing, but also the emotional ones that where holding me back. To me, it is so rare to find a healing practitioner of any kind with this level of skill and insight. Madeline creates a safe environment for growth and healing. She is generous with her time and energy, and I always feel loved, supported and seen by her. Not only is she a remarkable colon hydrotherapist, she is also a gifted teacher. In every session Madeline gave me specific energy medicine exercises to do at home. She has empowered me to take responsibility for my well-being. After every session with Madeline I left with a sense of lightness, brightness and a hope that was inspiring. I can’t recommend Madeline highly enough as a practitioner. She has profoundly impacted my life and my health. I am deeply grateful and honored to have worked with her.”  -Emily

“You're amazing and you do amazing work, with compassion, love, dedication, and knowledge. You're the best.” -Kristina

“I wanted to thank you for your session yesterday. I feel so much more balanced. One notable change I have noticed right away is the sweet craving is gone. Last night I even tested myself by having a bite of something sweet and it made me nauseated! That is tremendous improvement for me. I also feel calmer, happier, and more grounded. No more trying to pull my head out of the clouds. I feel especially grateful for the care you took to my situation and my needs. You are a beautiful and genuine person and I am so happy that I had the chance to meet you. Thank you!” - Joanna

“My first colonic with Madeline was far beyond what I expected. Her presence is calming and her knowledge base is vast; I was being taught the entire time about my body and I loved each lesson. Colonics I've had in the past were almost impersonal; the water goes in and the therapist goes out the door. Madeline was with me the entire process looking for where the energy was stagnant in my body. She seemed to know exactly where to go, what points to hold; it was quite an experience and all the while she spoke quietly about how my body functions and what it needs to function properly. She shared her knowledge freely. I want to learn more from her! The next morning I felt better than I have in many years. I was aware of an ease in my movement and breath that had been lost somewhere in the stress of my life. Madeline has a gift and I was blessed to receive it.” -Mireya Lovelight VanAmee

“I have known Madeline Angelus for two years now. In that time she has been my colon hydrotherapist where I have had regular, monthly colon hydrotherapy sessions. These sessions with Madeline have been absolutely essential in my success in healing an autoimmune disease. I attribute my healing in large part to my work with Madeline. My health has returned to a vibrant level and I know it is greatly due to these sessions. Madeline is a superb, highly skilled colon hydrotherapist. She is unique in her field as she very effectively uses massage and additives to facilitate the cleansing of the colon. I experience Madeline as very professional and knowledgeable, continually studying and learning about the most effective techniques that will bring the most benefit to cleansing the colon and achieving optimal health. I leave my sessions feeling consistently clear and strong in my body. I have recommended her work to many others, who have benefitted greatly as well. As a person, I have grown to love and respect Madeline as an incredibly committed and loving human being. She brings great compassion and integrity to her life and work. She is a rare, true teacher and healer. I feel honored and blessed to have found Madeline and to have received the gifts of working with her and knowing her as my friend. I recommend her and her work with great confidence.” -Satya

“I have finally met a person who has the most appropriate name that truly embodies who they are, and it is no surprise that Madeline Angelus has the name Angel in her name because in my book, she truly is an Angel … a ‘Healing Angel’! I first came to (and came to know) Madeline to receive a ‘colonic’, thinking it would help eliminate built-up, unhealthy fecal matter from my colon. I have since learned that this procedure is more aptly referred to as ‘colon hydrotherapy’ and that it is about so much more than what I had previously thought, and includes the all-important hydration factor, as well as liver cleansing, a release of ‘stagnant’ mucous, as well as other benefits that affect our overall health, energy, and wellbeing. Madeline skillfully incorporates a variety of healing modalities during our sessions that involve her gentle yet strong touch, which helps my colon, other organs, nervous system and cells experience a release of stagnant energy. Her astounding intuition guides her to just what I need where and when I need it. She is loving, respectful and wise, and earnestly shares her knowledge about nutrition and healing, which I absorb like a sponge so that I can take more proactive steps in my own to life to thrive at my healthiest best! I eagerly look forward to each visit, and long after I leave her presence, her gifts continue to manifest in my life.” -Susan (Westfall Communications)

“When I started coming to you for Colonic's in May I never thought I would be sending you a letter like this. At first I wanted to feel better and thought cleansing would help. It wasn't until July 2nd that I found that I may have taken on some toxins from the carpet company I worked for. Four out of eight of us had the same symptoms, fatigue, dizziness, brain fog and more. The Love, Compassion, Understanding, and Professionalism you modeled I will never forget. All that and the best Colonic I have ever had. When I first started on your program you used some crystals to balance my energy as well as some essential oils. You gave me a bag of these crystals and told me to go home and use them. I tossed them in the back seat and forgot them. A month or more latter you asked if I was using them. I said no. You asked me to bring them back, “use them, or pay for them.” You suggested I take them home and put them in my shorts, when I went to bed. I laughed and said that you were the only woman who could get me to put rocks in my shorts. You laughed and said that would make a great testimonial. I got serious and said that if they worked you would get it. Well red faced here I am. After one month I have none of the symptoms that I had experienced. And that also was with out further colonics. The Crystals are amazing. I have had pain in my knee from walking. Five minutes of putting them on my knee and the pain was gone. I have shared them with many friends and everybody has a different story. All they do is balance the body's energy system so the body heals itself. I will be back for more colonic's and the crystals have changed my life. I won't leave home with out them. Thanks for the difference you have made in my life.” -Ty Clements People (Organizations & Technology for a Sustainable Universe)

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